Fitness wear over the years

In the world of fashion, current trends can often look horribly outdated within just a few years. It has always been this way, and the world of fitness wear is no different, as you can see from the examples below.

Vintage Gym Wear


The concept of the gym was completely new and approaches to weight loss were somewhat haphazard. Gym equipment was basic and consisted mainly of weights and aerobic exercises. Fitness wear was close-fitting, yet strangely glamorous.


During this time it was considered unattractive to break a sweat or become too fit and toned. For this reason, fitness clothing was often indistinguishable from standard leisure wear. Fitness was a casual pursuit but nothing more.


The birth of consumerism meant that the public was willing to spend its money on the right product for the right job. The idea of a certain item of clothing for a certain situation was born, and the concept of fitness wear became the norm.


The invention of Lycra during the late 1950s meant that this was boom-time for close-fitting, figure-hugging fitness wear.


During the ’70s, fitness and fashion became one and the same. The tracksuit was in its heyday and was considered the height of practicality for working out, as well as the pinnacle of cutting edge fashion. Take a look at the new Vascular Wear gym tracksuit and see how things have changed.


The invention of the VHS meant that home fitness videos were all the rage. The ability to exercise in your own home made fitness big business, and leg warmers and dance tights flew off the shelves. Strangely, this is a fashion which remains alive and well today.


Step classes hit the mainstream, meaning that, once again, close-fitting fitness gear was a must-have. Leotards and tights were flavour of the month, and the more garish the colour, the better.


Better understanding of our bodies and exercise means that, by 2000, there is an item of fitness wear for every activity, including, of course, yoga pants.


These days it’s all about technology. Fitness wear is supportive, breathable and even fashionable. We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for fashion fitness.