The evolution of gym hoodies

Gym hoodies

If you thought hoodies were a new invention, you couldn’t be more wrong. The style has been worn by men and women for around 800 years and it’s only the name that has been invented in modern times. The word “hood” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “hod”. Its appearance was first noted in England […]

Fitness wear over the years

Vintage Gym Wear

In the world of fashion, current trends can often look horribly outdated within just a few years. It has always been this way, and the world of fitness wear is no different, as you can see from the examples below. 1940s During this time it was considered unattractive to break a sweat or become too […]

Review: Men’s Limited Edition Genuine Snakeskin Gym Snapback

Vascular Gym Snapback

The Vascular Wear gym snapback is like no other. Made with 100% genuine python skin, this hat is totally unique. Style The Vascular Wear gym snapback comes in a stylish all black design, with the iconic snapback style visor. This is made from 100% genuine python skin, unlike many other ‘snake skin’ hats, which are […]

Muscle Tee Outfits for Men

Muscle Tee Outfits

Today I wanted to talk more about mens muscle tee outfits as they are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Muscle tee outfits can be fashioned in the most inappropriate places but still seem to get a great reaction (Especially from the opposite sex). When’s Right to Wear Muscle Tee Outfits Most people think that […]

The Best Gym Clothes Online

Gym Clothes Online

Finding Gym Clothes Online Shopping online is becoming ever increasingly popular because usually you can have the gym clothes delivered directly to your door, you can benefit from online savings & you can reach a selection of gym clothes online that you wouldn’t usually have access to. For many people looking to buy gym clothes […]