About Vascular Wear

Make a Lifestyle statement with Vascular Wear™.


Vascular Wear™, designed in London and based in Surrey was established in 2012 as a more tailored and fashionable approach to fitness & Lifestyle clothing while offering something you could wear to the gym or on a night out. Designed using high quality performance fabrics we’ve created fitted and simplistic garments to compliment your body and physique.

Having initially focused on gym apparel the Vascular range has now evolved towards producing more of a Lifestyle & Fitness collection. Not only a smarter look but also a reminder that not just a suit that should be tailored and well fitted.

Vascular Wear™ was founded in 2012 by James Crawford a fitness and business enthusiast who started the company from his garage and has developed the brand into one of the leading independent fitness and Lifestyle brands in the UK.

From tapered sweatpants, long line tees and leather holdalls Vascular™ will continue to produce high quality products that appeal to both the lifestyle and fitness markets. With its already large following, through social media ,Vascular will continue to grow from strength upon strength due to the fantastic team behind it.